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As a Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst PTSTA(P), I am on the Metanoia Insitute register as an approved supervisor to work with trainees.

I offer face-to-face, telephone, and Zoom supervision.

Individual sessions are £90 for a session and a half (75 minutes) or £80 for 50 minute session 


Group two-hour sessions cost £70 per person (groups are 2, 3 or four supervisees, and you can count both hours.) Groups meet in Hereford or online.

If you need an academic assessor for your CTA dissertation draft, I am a good choice as I am an experienced marker for UKATA, Metanoia and the Link Centre. I charge £200 per script.

Approach to supervision

I am experienced in supervising practitioners from diverse theoretical backgrounds such as: TA, integrative, humanistic, art psychotherapists, relational, CBT therapists etc.

I am interested in helping you develop your own style and thinking about clinical work, in other words, an Internal Supervisor. If you want to become more independent and trust your own thinking and clinical intuition, then I might be the right type of supervisor for you. I prefer to be collegial rather than authoritative, so I want to work with people who are ethical (and by that I do not necessarily mean rule-preoccupied). 

I am available to discuss a wide range of psychotherapy issues such as:

  • working with unconscious process 

  • working with clients with personality adaptations

  • psychosomatic disorders, attachment disorders

  • processing distressing/disturbing emotional response to client material

  • erotic transference

  • assessing suicide risk and working with suicidal clients

  • ethical decisionmaking

  • burnout and self-care

  • academic writing

  • case study research

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