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I am on the Metanoia register as an approved supervisor to work with trainees

I offer face-to-face, telephone, and Zoom supervision.

Individual sessions are £90 for a session and a half (50 x 2)

or £80 for 50 minute session 


Group two-hour sessions cost £70 per person (groups are 2, 3 or four supervisees, and you can count both hours.)

I am very interested in working with clinicians who want to develop an ethical evidence-based practice. I am experienced in supervising practitioners from diverse theoretical backgrounds such as: TA, integrative, humanistic, art psychotherapists, relational, CBT therapists etc.

I am available to discuss a wide range of psychotherapy issues such as:

  • dual diagnosis (I have experience as an assessor)
  • working with clients with schizoid process, psychosomatic disorders, attachment disorders
  • processing distressing/disturbing emotional response to client material
  • erotic transference
  • assessing suicide risk and working with suicidal clients
  • ethical decisionmaking
  • burnout and self-care
  • academic writing
  • case study research
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