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An open learning journal

In this blog, I intend to address some key issues in psychotherapy and to demystify the process and knowledge base for both clients and those who are new to the profession (trainees).

I will treat this blog as an open learning journal, a record of the many questions that crisscross my practice, which emerge during conversations with peers, or are brought up by supervisees and students.

I will also summarise and reflect on interesting articles and books related to therapy, mind, change, relationships, etc.

I will set myself the challenge of explaining technical jargon in a clear and accessible way without resorting to psycho-babble and well-worn cliches; doing so will be a way of testing and developing my thinking.

A lot of what you will read is emergent, living thought, rather than cherished opinions. I may contradict myself from time to time. I may test out mutually-excluding arguments. One of the things I enjoy most is finding and engaging with new information and research that challenges my position.

I hope that the curiosity and delight I feel about my field of work will be contagious.

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