Workshops in 2018

Saturday June 9th:   10am-4pm day (6 hours of CPD)

Male fragility is often overlooked by contemporary discourses on gender and identity. How do we work with men when we care about providing gender-sensitive psychotherapy ?
This workshop:
  • explores how power/status, embodiment and the erotic become manifest in the therapy room
  • looks at clinical stories which illustrate issues that are commonly encountered by female clinicians working with men
  • examines approaches to building a working alliance with male clients, working at relational edge and supporting in-depth exploration of men’s concerns.
Format: lecture, storytelling, case studies, discussions, experiential
Marches Counselling Service, 57 St Owen Street,

Previous workshops
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2014, 18th of October - The Vassal Centre: Risk Assessment in Private Practice 

2013, 16th of November - Southern TA Conference in Salisbury: "The Many Faces of Trauma" The labyrinth the sacrifice and the Minotaur

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